Barbara Evans

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Winner of Discover Wellness Health Inspiration award 2007

*Now working in both NYC & Northampton, MA
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Barbara is a certified personal trainer through the accredited National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Since leaving Equinox Fitness Clubs  as a top-tier trainer, she has been working with private clients for over a decade. Barbara is also the head trainer for Achilles International track club and is the coach for the Cigna/Achilles Referral Partnership Program, Healthy Working Life, an international, online and phone fitness training program.  Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance from The George Washington University and has toured with dance companies nationally and abroad.

As a performer and dance educator, Barbara brings a heightened awareness of posture, form and efficiency of movement to her training sessions.  This not only helps avoid injuries and can aid in rehabilitation, but it allows her clients to quickly and safely achieve their goals through specific, customized exercises.


Barbara helps people push themselves to the next level, including clients with special needs, such as those dealing with chronic or acute injuries, older populations, diabetics,  and women who are pregnant or post-partum.  As one long-time client puts it, Barbara is adept at “gently pushing" you to challenge yourself to get results, helping you feel empowered and motivated.

Whether you are looking to reclaim the body and the energy you used to have, have a demanding career and find yourself getting injured as a 'weekend warrior,' or are a senior recovering from hip surgery, Barbara will work with you to help you become strong, muscularly balanced, active participants in creating and maintaining your healthiest self.