Barbara Evans

Personal Training - 60 minutes

After a thorough phone consultation, the initial training session is part workout and part fitness assessment, in order to establish your current fitness level.  Subsequent workouts include a warm-up, strength training and stretching as needed.  We will focus on areas such as strength and conditioning, lowering body fat percentage, balance and stability, core strength and power.

Sessions are always tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, addressing any muscular imbalances that may exist.  Implementing a variety of continually progressing exercises to keep the workout challenging and interesting, we will use tools such as free weights, machines, stability and medicine balls, cables, tubing and your own body weight.

Stretch - 30/45 minutes

Stretching can be relaxing or therapeutic, or a mixture of both.  The best reason to utilize this type of session is to increase one's range of motion when it interferes with functional movement or causes discomfort.   Stretch sessions incorporate myo-fascial (connective tissue) release and the latest stretch techniques to promote optimal flexibility.

Fitness Consultation and Online Coaching



My goal is to provide you
with outstanding care and instruction and to work with you to gain and maintain your valued confidence.